Yamaha PSR-S970/S770

Yamaha PSR-S970/S770

Immediate Download

Immediate download is possible for all products if payment method PayPal is selected. You will receive the downloadlinks directly after executing the payment with an automatically generated e-mail.


Important notes for future GENOS users

If you buy the expansion packs offered here for the Tyros 5, PSR-S970 or PSR-S770 now, you will also receive the download access for the new GENOS version at the same time.


Genos "Magic Dance"

The Expansion Pack "Magic Dance" will be available soon as an extended Genos version. If you have already purchased "Magic Dance" for Tyros 5, PSR-S970 or PSR-S770, you will receive the upgraded Genos version for an upgrade price.

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Expansion Pack for YAMAHA Tyros 5

"Magic Dance" offers a large amount of content for Dance, Trance, Synthpop and other styles of electronic music. The Samples and Expansion Voices contain a wide range of trendy Synth and Drumsounds.

49.00 €

Expansion Pack for YAMAHA PSR-S970 / PSRS-770

Timeless Voice- and Sample Library including an emulation of the legendary Minimoog (Leadsynth) and Jupiter-8 (Polyphonic Synth) and many other sample-based analog synthsounds.

42.00 €

Expansion Pack for YAMAHA PSR-S970 / PSR-S770

„Live Organ“ emulates the sound of a Hammond B3. For gettig highest authenticity, pressure and orginal hammond feeling the organ samples are including distortion and slow and fast Leslie. The internal Distortion and Rotary effects of the Yamaha Keyboards are not needed for this kind of sampling.

42.00 €

Expansion Pack for YAMAHA PSR-S970 / PSRS-770

The soundlibrary „FM Xpanded“ offers sample-based FM-sounds with highest dynamic and authenticity. It includes DX-oriented sounds as well new and innovative sound creations.

42.00 €