PSR-S975 / PSR-S775 "Organ Session" (Download)


PSR-S975 / PSR-S775 "Organ Session" (Download)

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For the MP3 demos and the Youtube video of this Expansion Pack, exclusively organ grooves and organ licks of the SmashUpTheStudio MIDI Packs "Midi Keys: Blues Organ" and "Midi Keys: Organ" were used. The MIDI sequences in these packs have been used for introducing the Expansion Voices and Registrations of Organ Session.

Expansion Pack "Organ Session"

The content of „Organ Session“:

  • 70 Expansion Voices
  • 16 Registration Banks (128 Registrations)
  • 100 MB Samples (AIFF linear)

„Organ Session“ emulates the sound of a Hammond B3 in the Yamaha TYROS / PSR.

For emulating the drawbars of a Hammond B3 were sampled chromatic. That means recording one sample for each note of each of the 9 drawbars for 5 octaves. A User waveform of one drawbar includes 61 samples. Additional there are several chromatic sampled organ-percussion settings. 

Beside multisamples of drawbars and organ-percussion there are also samples of some popular B3 registrations like Full Organ, First Three, First Four, Even Bars or registrations with C3 vibrato. Using multisamples of complete registrations are allowing complex Hammond-Sounds with a limited number of voice elements. All sample recordings were done without using amplifier, distortion and leslie. This allows flexible using of the TYROS/PSR DSPs and realistic switching between „slow“ and „fast“ using the Rotary Speaker effect.

The chromatic sampling produces a different sound of the key click for each note like you know it from a real Hammond B3.

Also the organ-percussion is shaped very authentic using the USER-LFO for realizing the „Single Trigger Mode“ in many performances. That means legato played notes are using no percussion.

Additional to the B3-samples you will find also some multi samples of the legendary Hammond A100.

The Expansion Voices and Registrations of Organ Session are offering wonderful punchy and smacky Hammond Sounds with consisely key click and adjustable percussion, rockorgans with slightly or strong distortion, traditional entertainer organs, classic drawbar-registrations and cool jazz-organs.

Organ Session is very useful for Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk, House, Entertainment or Ambient music. The product is providing a huge selection of typical Hammond Sounds

The TYROS / PSR version of this soundlibrary is based on the same products for the Yamaha MOTIF-series and the Yamaha GENOS.

The Registration Banks contain 96 Voice Registrations and 32 Registrations with Preset Style assignments.

The Voice Registrations can be assigned to any styles. Conversely, after pre-selecting Preset Styles, the Voice Registrations can be selected without switching the selected Style.

A special highlight of Registrations is the use of two DSPs for the Organ Part (RIGHT 1). DSP2 is used for a Distortion Effect and DSP3 or DSP4 for the Rotary Effect. Both effects are connected in series. By using the Distortion Effect, it is possible to realize even rocky or distorted Hammond sounds.

A total of 20 of the Voice Registrations use the Organ Flutes of the TYROS / PSR. The advantage over sample-based Voices is greater flexibility by setting Drawbars with the virtual sliders in real time.

The slow-fast switching of the Rotary Speaker effect is done either with the switch VARIATION or with the sustain pedal.

Important note: It is recommended to first select one of the Voice Registrations of this pack before selecting the Expansion Voice. This is not only useful because of the special effect configuration with two DSPs, but also because of a limitation in YEM-based Expansion Packs regarding to the VARIATION switching with the Rotary Effect. This works for Expansion Voices only if the effect is re-selected and stored as User Voice or Registration.

Comparing "Organ Session" and "Live Organ“
Like "Organ Session“ also the product "Live Organ" emulates the sound of a Hammond B3 i. However, the sampling concept of "Live Organ" is different. In order to achieve the highest possible authenticity and the original Hammond feel, the samples already contain the Slow / Fast Leslie and the typical Hammond distortion. The internal effects of the Ya,aha Keyboard such as Rotary Speaker or Distortion are not required for this type of sampling.
"Organ Session" offers a significant increase in authenticity compared to the Preset Voices due to using two DSPs for Distrotion and Rotary Speaker effects.
The "Organ Session" has considerable advantages over "Live Organ" in the area of ​​flexibility:
- With using the internal Rotary Speaker effect the speeding up and down is available.
- The intensity of the Distortion effect is different depending on the used element levels of the Expansion Voices.
- Through different element configurations, a wide range of popular Drawbars registrations is realized.

Hammond® and Leslie® are both registered trademarks of Hammond Suzuki USA.

After ordering this product you will receive the download links for this versions of "Organ Session": Genos, Tyors 5, PSR-S970, PSR-S975, PSR-S770, PSR-S775.

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