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Yamaha TYROS 5 / PSR-S970 / PSR-S770

Starting from now we will offer a part of our legendary MOTIF soundlibrary also for Tyros 5 and PSR-S970 / S-770. The first available products were "Live Organ",  "FM Xpanded" and "Phat Analog". "Magic Dance" is our latest release. It is based on MOTIF/MONTAGE soundlibraries like "Dance  Pro" und "Xtasyn". But it includes also new contents, especially 150 Multi Pad Banks!  


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Tyros 5 "Live Organ" (Download)  Tyros 5         Pfeil_Rot.gif  PSR-S970 / PSR-S770 

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Yamaha MONTAGE "Dance Pro"


Our popular MOTIF Soundlibrary will be prepared for the new Yamaha TOP-Synth MONTAGE. The soundsets will include optimized Performances, Voices, Samples and User Arpeggios. Also the new MONTAGE features will be used. A part of the soundlibraries is already available. Please select the category Yamaha MONTAGE.

Our latest product is MONTAGE "Dance Pro".   

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MOTIF XF / XS / MOXF "Live Organ" 


„Live Organ" emulates the sound of a Hammond B3 in the MOTIF. For getting the highest authenticity, pressure and original Hammond-feeeling already the organ samples are including Distortion and Slow and Fast Leslie. The internal Distortion and Rotary effects of MOTIF / MOXF are not needed for this kind of sampling.

MOXF  MOXF    Pfeil_Rot.gif MOTIF XF   Pfeil_Rot.gif MOTIF XS


MOTIF XF / XS / MOXF "Dance Pro" 

Dance - Modern Pop - Trance - Electronic Dub Step


„Dance Pro“ incudes a high-quality soundcollection of powerful and modern Voices and Performances for Dance and Pop music, programmed by international TOP-sounddesigners.A special feature are the AUDIO/MIDI Arrangements, which are showing the powerful sound of the product. They can be used as starting point for your own music productions with external sequencers (DAW).        

MOXF  MOXF   Pfeil_Rot.gif MOTIF XF   Pfeil_Rot.gif MOTIF XS    Pfeil_Rot.gif MOX6/8     Pfeil_Rot.gif MOTIF-RACK XS    ?ObjectPath=/Shops/Shop40690/Categories/%22Yamaha%20MX49/MX61%22 MX49/MX61


Here you can find videos about "Dance Pro" and other products:

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MOTIF XF / XS / MOXF "Nature of Chill" 

Chill Out - Lounge - Ambient - Electronic - Pop

„Nature of Chill“ includes an exquisite collection of Voices and Performances for Chill Out, Lounge, Ambient, Electronic and other stylistics of Popmusic. This breathtaking production offers a very high degree of musical inspiration. Beside wide, atmospheric pads and spacious leadsynths the 128 voices are offerering many very interesting remakes of traditional instrument sounds like Piano, E-Piano und Guitar. 


MOXF  MOXF    Pfeil_Rot.gif MOTIF XF   Pfeil_Rot.gif MOTIF XS    Pfeil_Rot.gif MOX6/8     Pfeil_Rot.gif MOTIF-RACK XS

Here you can find videos about "Nature of Chill" and other products:

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