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Soundlibraries for Yamaha Synthesizer

Expansion Packs for Yamaha Keyboards


All Soundlibraries and Expansion Packs for Yamaha synthesizers and Yamaha keyboards are now available in the new EASY SOUNDS shop:

www.easysoundsshop.de  www.easysoundsshop.de

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer your customer data for legal and technical reasons. Please register again there.

If you also register for the Easy Sounds newsletter in the new shop, you will receive a voucher of EUR 20.00 for your next order - in addition to the sales-related basket discount. 
It is not necessary to unsubscribe from the previous newsletter.

The non-Yamhaha products offered still here (see categories on the left) will be available until the end of May 2020 at significantly reduced prices (shopping basket discount of up to 35%).

This shop will be closed on June 1st, 2020. All customer data will then be deleted.

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