Yamaha PLG150-AN

Yamaha PLG150-AN

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The bundle can be used basically for all synths with built-in Plug-In Board PLG150-AN. It includes 4 Voicebanks:

"Power Generator"
64 Voices, hard, freaky, spacious, crazy, distorted.
Impressive basses, leads and arpeggio-sounds.

64 Voices of categories Pad, Lead, Brass, Sequencer, Combinations.
Soft, warm and atmospheric. Superb quality. Authenic analog sound.

"Analog Classics"
64 traditional Vintage-Analogsounds like Minimoog, Prophet 5, OB-8, Jupiter 8 und Matrix.
Synthbrass, Leadsynths, Synthbasses, Synthstrings, Analog Pads, Filtersweeps, Polysynths, Secuenzer- and Arpeggiosounds, Percussive Synths...

"Analog Plus"
64 Voices using special features like FM, Sync, Feedback, Free EG – that’s "Analog Plus". Sounds not "Vintage" but „Future“.