PSR-S970 / S770 "Analog Xperience" (Download)

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PSR-S970 / S770 "Analog Xperience" (Download)

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Expansion Pack „Analog Xperience“

The Content

  • 128 Expansion Voices
  • 158 MB Samples (AIFF linear)
  •   16 Styles mit ONE TOUCH Settings (OTS)
  •     6 Registration Banks (48 Registrations)


The 128 Expansion Voices are based on multisamples of 158 MB (AIFF linear).

Analog Xperience offers a powerful and flexible analog extension. The Voices reflect the history of analog synth sounds. Special attention is paid to popular sounds of the 70s and 80s as well as modern Pop / Dance / Funk / Rock sounds.



Analog Xperience is based on multisamples of some of the most bulky analog synths of the past decades.

The majority of the samples are from the Minimoog, still the most important monophonic synthesizer of all time - and the Roland Jupiter-8, one of the most important flagship polyphonic synthesizers. Furthermore, the library contains samples of the popular synthesizers Oberheim Matrix-12, Clavia Nord Lead 2 and Access Virus Indigo.

For Analog Xperience our newly developed sampling concept "Pluck & Sustain" was used for the first time. It means combining Pluck-Elements and Sustain-Elements into an authentic and flexibly modifiable sound. This is realized by separate multisamples for the attack phase (attack or decay as one shot samples) and the sustain phase (as loop samples). This prevents the sound processed in the performances from being too strongly influenced by the properties of the filters and envelopes of the hardware synth, and a good deal of authenticity would be lost. A significant advantage of this concept is that with limited memory expenditure a large number of authentic sound variations can be realized, because of a sampled original sound, several decay and attack variants are available, which can be combined with the same loop multisample.



The 16 authentic Styles are extremely inspiring and open up a high degree of musical creativity for the user.

Half of the Expansion Styles were completely new programmed while the other half used Preset Styles or Styles from previous EASY SOUNDS Expansion Packs as a starting point. The newly arranged and remixed Expansion Styles have been significantly modified and are barely recognizable.

Unlike the Preset Styles, the Styles of this Expansion Pack also allow the intros and endings to be re-harmonized. You can play individual intros and endings in a creative and intuitive way.

All Styles contain completely new programmed ONE TOUCH settings (OTS 1 - 4).



The 6 Registration Banks contain Voice Registrations without style assignment. Registrations with style reference were omitted, since the voice settings of the panel parts are already included in the ONE TOUCH settings.

The Voice Registrations can be assigned to any Style. Conversely, after preselecting Preset Styles, the Voice Registrations can be selected without switching the selected Style.

Here you can download a detailed PDF explaining the similarities and differences between the two expansion packs "Analog Xperience" and "Phat Analog":

PDF Comparing Analog Xperience and Phat Analog

Free Upgrade

Free Upgrade:

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