MODX "Phat Analog II" (Download)

MODX "Phat Analog II" (Download)

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Arranged Demos:             

Spring 2 Summer
Fifth Break
Soft Eighties
Blade X
Between the Lines

This demos are using only voices of this soundset.

Multi Part Performance Demos:             
Analog Classics
Analog Synthpop
Analog Layer Performances

Single Part Performance Demos:

Analog Vintage - Volume 1
Analog Vintage - Volume 2
Percussive Synth - Sequencer - Arpeggio
Synth Sweeps - Atmospherics - Soundeffects


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Please visist also the webiste of Ulrich Klauer, where you can find more demos to the new MOTIF-Soundset:


MODX "Phat Analog II"

- The ultimative Analog-Extension for MOTIF XS / XF!

- Authentic Oberheim & Jupiter-8 sounds

- Soundlegends for Live & Studio

Overview of the content of „Phat Analog II“:

  • ​ 32  Multi Part Performances
  • 128 Single Part Performances
  •     8 Drum Kits
  •   38 User Waveforms / 128 MB Samples
  •   48 User Arpeggios

„Phat Analog II“ is a timeless Voice- and Sample Library including an emulation of Oberheim (OBX, OB8, Matrix12...) and Jupiter-8 (JP-8) sounds.

This product is the ultimative Analog-Extension for your MODX synthesizer!

While the first volume of Phat Analog includes mainly synth leads featuring Mini Moog, the emphasis of the second volume are polyphonic synths like synth brass, synth strings, pads and synth comps. But also some synth leads, sequencer- and arpeggio sounds and FX sounds are part of the sound library.

Oberheim synths are known for their synth brass-like sound capabilities that were used by many artists (Toto, van Halen, just to name a few). During the work with the new samples inside MODX it became obvious that the basic material is suited for sounds of categories like synth comp, synth pad, synth strings, synth leads and synth bass too.

Many of the new created sounds use the huge capabilities of MODX's sound engine. This leads to results that wouldn't have been possible even on the original hardware.

Analog synths were often part of very huge keyboard setups. These setups consisted of electronic/electromechanical instruments (e. g. E-Piano, Organ, String-Ensemble, Mellotron) and analog synthesizers. Because of the flexibility of those synths they were also used for unusual sounds. Some of them became classics too.

To maintain the sound abilities of this synth in a sample abstraction special user waveforms were created that made it possible to achieve unique sounds with the sound capabilities of the MODX. This way the sampled material is rather complex.

Additional to the Oberheim-samples Phat Analog II includes an impressive Jupiter-8 multisample, which can be used in many ways. The left and right channels of the stereo-samples are available as separate waveforms, which allows flexible assignment and detuning.

Beside others you will find standard sounds like synth strings, synth brass and pads; especially some very authentic synthpop-sounds of the 80ies that are based on this Jupiter-8 multi sample.

Last not least Phat Analog II includes 8 new User Drum Kits (Rock & Pop, CR-78).


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