MONTAGE "Phat Analog" (Download)

MONTAGE "Phat Analog" (Download)

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Demos Multi Part Performances:

The arranged performance demos were recorded and arranged with external sequencer. Some additional voice tracks with pads + soundeffects were used in Venus Overture. 



Demos Single Part Performances:


Synth Leads
Pure Analog
Pads & Poly


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MONTAGE „Phat Analog"

The Content of „Phat Analog“:

  •   32 Multi Part Performances
  • 128 Single Part Performances
  •   32 User-Waveforms / 120 MB Samples

„Phat Analog“ is a timeless Voice- and Sample Library including an emulation of the legendary Minimoog (Leadsynth) and Jupiter 8 (Pads & Arpeggiosounds). Additional you will find many other sample-based analog synthsounds.

This product is the ultimative Analog-Extension for your MONTAGE synthesizer!

A main emphasis are typical Minimoog synthleads. But also other spectacular synthleads like sync-lead (oscillator sync) or distorted leads with similar sound like Jan Hammer or Jordan Rudess are highlights of the product.

Further there are many synths of the categories synthbass, synthstrings, synthpads, synthbass, sequencer and noise soundeffects.

The Samples were produced mainly with the famous synths Minimoog and Jupiter 8 („JP-8“).

For musical reference recordings of musicians or bands like Pink Floyd, Manfred Mann (Earth Band), Camel, Lake, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Jordan Rudess (Dream Theather, Liquid Tension Experiment), Jan Hammer, Steve Winwood and many other were used.

The voices are playable highly dynamic using velocity, modulation wheel, knobs, ribbon control and assignable functions.

The effects of the voices are very different – sometimes very spacious, sometimes absolutely dry for getting real vintage sound.

You can set the effect depth very quickly using ASSIGN 1 (Reverb) und ASSIGN 2 (Delay).

The vibrato of the synthleads can be controlled with the modulation wheel and sometimes additional with aftertouch.

The ribbon controller is assigned many times to parameters filter attack or portamento time.

Using the Assignabe Functions (AF1&2) you can select alternate sound settings.

The 32 Multi Part Performances are split-sounds using the left manual for accompaniment (drums, bass, pad/arpeggio) and the right manual for the synthlead-part.

The Multi Part Performances are not only using analog synthsounds but also combinations with other instruments for getting a big variety of sounds and styles.

The MONTAGE-version of this soundlibrary is based on the same product for the Yamaha MOTIF-series. But this version was significantly developed using new features of MONTAGE.

All performances are including a Super Knob assignment. The  Multi Part Performances are including up to eight scenes and up to eight parts.

Important note:

For loading this soundlibrary the MONTAGE firmware 1.10 or higher is needed.
The latest firmware can be downloaded from here:

Important note

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