MONTAGE "Live Instruments" (Download)

MONTAGE "Live Instruments" (Download)

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Multi Part Performance Demos:

Performance Demo 1 = Funky Comp - Performance mit zusätzlichen Brass & Lead Tracks
Performance Demo 2 = Layer Performances, Arpeggio Performances, Phat Stereo Leadsynths


Single Part Performance Demos:

Rock & Pop Piano S6 Electric Organ A100 Digital Synths
Rock & Pop Piano CF3 Big Brass Section Progressive Leadsynths
Vintage & DX E-Piano Melloclone Strings Distorted Leadsynths
Clavinet Vintage Stringensemble Rock Pop Funk Drumkits


Demosongs - featuring Andrea Pavanello:

Parachuting Xperience
Rock Live
Prog Rock

The lead-tracks of the demosongs are played by the Italian keyboarder Andrea Pavanello (Centrica) using the Distorted Leadsynths of this soundsets.

Please click on names in tables for playing demos.

MONTAGE - Premium Live Sounds for Pop, Rock, Funk, Entertainment

The Content of „Live Instruments“:

  •   48 Multi Part Performances
  • 100 Single Part Performances
  •   24 Drum Kits
  •   24 User-Waveforms / 128 MB Samples
  • 256 User Arpeggios

„Live Instruments“ incudes a high-quality soundcollection covering the Piano, E-Piano, Clavinet, Organ, Mellotron, Strings, Brass Section, Synth.

It is a very popular selection of instruments used normally by keyboard-player in Rock- and Pop-Bands.
 Additional to the typical live-sounds the soundlibrary includes powerful Rock&Pop drumkits and arpeggio performances. This way Live Instruments offers also many ways of inspirations, and improvisation as well as basic ideas for music productions.

Highlights of the soundlibrary:

§ Rock & Pop Piano

§ Electric Piano (Rhodes, DX)

§ Clavinet

§ Mellotron

§ Big Brass Section

§ Distorted Rock-Leads

§ Progressive Analog Leadsynths (Mini Moog Classics / JP-8 Stereo Sync)

§ Legendäre D50 Sounds wie Fantasy Bell, Staccato Heaven...

§ Vintage Stringensemble

The MONTAGE-version of this soundlibrary is based on the same product for the Yamaha MOTIF-series. But this version was significantly developed using new features of MONTAGE. All performances except for the drum kits are including a Super Knob assignment. The  Multi Part Performances are including up to eight scenes and up to eight parts.

Important note:

For loading this soundlibrary the MONTAGE firmware 1.10 or higher is needed.
The latest firmware can be downloaded from here:

Important note

Because this is a download-product it is not possible to select an alternate delivery method in the Shopping basket. If you select Payment method PayPal you will receive the download-link by an automatically generated e-mail immediately after executing the payment.

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