MONTAGE "Dance Pro" (Download)

MONTAGE "Dance Pro" (Download)

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MONTAGE "Dance Pro"

The content of „Dance Pro“:

  •    32 Multi Part Performances
  •  184 Single Part Performances
  •    36 User-Waveforms / 155 MB Samples
  •  256 User Arpeggios
  •  329 Drum- and Electronic Percusssion Loops (WAV-Format)

„Dance Pro“ incudes a high-quality soundcollection of powerful and modern performances for Dance, Trance, House, Pop und Electronic.

Highlights of the Soundlibrary:

  • Top-actual, commercial and progressive Dance/Electronic/Pop sound with big pressure and high authencity.
  • Sounddesign by international TOP-Sounddesigners.
  • 32 inspiring Multi Part Performances using the new MONTAGE-Features like Scenes, Super Knob und FM-X.
  • 184 Single Part Performances including 16 Drum-/Electronic Percussion Performances.
  • Innovative „DJ Mix“ and „Electronic Mix“ Performances, which enable intuitive realtime edits using the eight sliders.
  • Easy Edit with eight Assignable Knobs in case of „FM-X Knob Performances“ and some AWM Arpeggio Performances.
  • 256 new User-Arpeggios (Drum- und Synth-Arps).
  • More than 100 MB Drum- / Electronic Percussion Loops (WAV-format). These Loops are also available as User Arpeggios in the MONTAGE-File.

The MONTAGE-version of this soundlibrary is based on the same product for the Yamaha MOTIF-series. But this version was significantly developed using new features of MONTAGE.

All performances are including a Super Knob assignment. The  Multi Part Performances are including up to eight scenes and up to eight parts. A part of the performances are including FM-X parts.

Important note:

For loading this soundlibrary the MONTAGE firmware 1.10 or higher is needed.
The latest firmware can be downloaded from here:

Important note

Because this is a download-product it is not possible to select an alternate delivery method in the Shopping basket. If you select Payment method PayPal you will receive the download-link by an automatically generated e-mail immediately after executing the payment.


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