MONTAGE "Evolving Soundscapes" (Download)


MONTAGE "Evolving Soundscapes" (Download)

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Multi Part Performance Demos:

MONTAGE "Evolving Soundscapes"

The Content of "Evolving Soundscapes":

  •    32 Multi Part Performances
  •  152 Single Part Performances
  •  128 User Waveforms / 141 MB Samples 
  •  200 User Arpeggios

„Evolving Soundscapes“ contains a high-quality and inspiring collection of atmospheric and great sounding Performances based on a newly created very special sample library.

The highlights of this library:

  • 184 Performances programmed by international TOP-Sounddesigners. 
  • 128 MB high-quality FX- Synth- and Drum samples produced in several sample sessions.
  • Pads and Musical Effects with rich atmosphere and dynamic movements giving a lot of musical inspiration.
  • Spheric and spectacular soundeffects for cinematic and ambient productions.
  • Electronic Drums and Wobble Bass Sounds useable for many kinds of trendy electronic music like Electro Pop, Ambient, Chill Out und Dub Step.
  • 8Z-Hybrid Drum/FX-Voices (8 Elements / Zones) combining drum instruments, FX sounds and loops.
  • 200 new User Arpeggios controlling the 8Z-Hybrid Loops, Wobble basses and synths.​


User Audition Phrases

This soundlibrary contains 64 user audition phrases with demo sequences and chord progressions.

The first 20 performances include audition phrases with demo sequences with notes and control events for Scenes, Super Knob and Modulation Wheel. These phrases correspond to the demos published in our shop and on our Youtube channel "motifnews".

The other audition phrases contain chord progressions that can be used for any performance. The Chord Progressions contain no Control Events. So you can control the Scenes, Super Knob and Modulation Wheel while playing.

The User Audition Phrases are also included as standard MIDI files for playback with external sequencers and DAWs (folder „AuditionPhrases_SMF“).

The MONTAGE-version of this sound library is based on the same product for the Yamaha MOTIF series. Over and above that, this version was significantly newly developed using new features of MONTAGE like Super Knob and other features of the Motion Control Synthesis Engine.

Important note:

This sound library requires MONTAGE operating system OS v2.0 or higher.

Updates are available using the following link:

Important note

Because this is a download-product it is not possible to select an alternate delivery method in the Shopping basket. If you select Payment method PayPal you will receive the download-link by an automatically generated e-mail immediately after executing the payment.


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