MONTAGE "Synth Xtreme" (Download)

MONTAGE "Synth Xtreme" (Download)

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Demosong "Both Ways"
Demosong "My Dance"
Demosong "Cool Traxx"
Demosong "Technoid"
Multi Part Performances - Vol. 1
Multi Part Performances - Vol. 2



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The content of Synth Xtreme:

  •   16 Multi Part Performances
  • 128 Single Part Performances (Synth)
  •   48 Single Part Performances (Sliced Drumloops)
  • 256 User Arpeggios
  •   52 User Waveforms / 124 MB Samples
  •   64 Drumloops (23 MB, WAV-Format)

„Synth Xtreme“ is a MONTAGE soundlibrary for Electronic, Dance, Trance and trendy Popmusic. The combination of synth sounds with drum- and bass loops offer a great basis for the production of electronic music tracks.

"Synth Xtreme" includes a big number of drum loops, bass grooves, synth arpeggios and synth sequences, which can be combined to a construction kit – selectable using the Arpeggios of MONTAGE's Performances or with an external DAW (ex. Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live, Sonar).

The User Arpeggios inside the MONTAGE file are also available in addition as Standard MIDI Files, which can be imported to external DAW's for the usage in your own song productions.

There is no limit for your musical creativity. Please find your own way to combine the sounds, loops and sequences of SYNTH XTREME with your musical creations.

Important note:

This sound library requires MONTAGE operating system OS v2.0 or higher.

Updates are available using the following link:



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