MOTIF / S-Series / MOX "Mystic Spheres" (Download)


MOTIF / S-Series / MOX "Mystic Spheres" (Download)

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This Soundlibrary can be used for YAMAHA MOTIF XS / XF, MOX6 / MOX8, MOTIF-RACK XS, MOTIF ES, MOTIF-RACK ES, MO6 / MO8, S90 XS / S70 XS and S90 ES.

The set „Mystic Spheres““ includes
  • 128 new User-Voices (all versions
  • 30 Demo-sequences – Format: Standard MIDI File (all versions)
  • 60 MB new Synth Waveforms (only MOTIF XS / XF / ES)
  • 16 Performances (only MOTIF XS / XF / ES)
The Set was produced by Peter Krischker und Frank „Xenox“ Neumann and Jahnspierre Leyton ("DJ Maverick").
„Mystic Spheres“ offers atmospherics, motion pads, Fx-sounds and soundeffects, spacious synthleads, trance-sounds, vocal pads and analog vintage sounds. Mystic Spheres is indispensable for all user, who don’t like to get only bread & butter sounds. The set is predestined for all kinds of Electronic Music, Trance, Ambient, Chill Out, and Soundtracks.

The MOTIF ES / XS / XF-versions include about 60 MB new user waveforms.
Opposite to many other sample-based synthbanks you will not find completely sampled presets of popular synths. Instead there are complexe waveforms compareable with preset waves, which are a great base for making new synthsounds using the soundengine of the MOTIF.

But also the MO6 / MO8 / S90 ES and MOTIF-RACK ES versions, which cannot use additional samples, are offerering a new kind of sound, which differs clearly from previous Motif sounds.

The MOTIF XS/XF-version includes also programming of special XS-Features like Assignable Functions („XA-Mode“), new Arpeggio-types, new Effect-types and new Synth-Waveforms. Totally 50 of 128 voices are a new type „Xpanded Articlulation Synth Voices“, signed with „AF1&2“ at the end of the voice-name. These voices are allowing a maximum of sound flexibility. Using the Assignable Functions (AF1 + AF2) additional to basic sound two alternate element-combinations can be called. The crossing of the sounds is not abruptly, because the release of the elements is fading out when switching AF1 or AF2. Additional each Xpanded Articlulation Synth Voice includes an assignment of 5 Control Arps (ARP 1 – 5), which cause modulations of amp, filter, pitch or MIDI Gates. And of course you can use also the standard modulation sources like Modulation Wheel, Pitch Bend, Ribbon Control, Slider und Knobs.

MOTIF XF: The User Waveforms and Samples of this library can be loaded to pre-installed SDRAM or to the optional Flash Memory (Flash Memory Expansion Modules FL1 + FL2).

MOTIF XS: For loading the soundset installation of optional DIMMs (2 x 128 MB or more) is needed.


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