MOTIF / S-Series / MOX "Stage & Studio" (Download)

MOTIF / S-Series / MOX "Stage & Studio" (Download)

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Demo XS-Performances Demo 1 = Keyboards & Bells
Demo XS Voices Demo 2 = Guitar & Bass
  Demo 3 = Strings & Brass
  Demo 4 = Synths


Please click on names in table for playing demos.

This Soundlibrary can be used for YAMAHA MOTIF XS / XF, MOX6 / MOX8, MOTIF-RACK XS, MOTIF ES, MOTIF-RACK ES, MO6 / MO8, S90 XS / S70 XS and S90 ES.
"Stage & Studio" is a collection of the most crucial instrument sounds you need for both stage and studio work - both regular instruments and classic synth sounds.
To ensure all-round playability and suitability, these voices have been tested by musicians live, and in a range of studio applications.
While most voices are brand new and custom-created, some of the standard instruments have been re-examined and optimized from existing preset material.
Stage & Studio offers a level of depth and complexity in voices such as the string ensembles, brass sections, and string/bell/synth combos that have only hitherto been available in Performance mode. This makes it very easy to create your own Performances by using this new and interesting voice material, which will be particularly helpful for live performances when speed and flexibility is so important.

The MOTIF XS / XF and of „Stage & Studio“ includes several improvements from the previous version made for MOTIF ES. The improvements are mainly related to the new waveforms, effects and the XA-Control. Additional there are 40 brandnew performances, which are a real highlight of the product. Different to the factory performances the emphasis are not arpeggio performances but split- and layer-sounds in highest quality – perfectly suitable for live-music.

Voices doesn’t include user waveforms or samples. Installation of optional DIMMs is or Flash Memory is not needed.
Voices can be loaded from USB-Device.

Overview of voice-types:

- Acoustic Piano
- Electric Piano
- Bell
- Organ
- Bass
- Guitar
- Strings
- Brass
- Reed
- Synth Lead
- Synthpads
- Choir

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