MOTIF / S-Series / MOX "Dance Xpanded" (Download)

MOTIF / S-Series / MOX "Dance Xpanded" (Download)

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MOX6 7 MOX8 / MO6 / MO8 / S90 XS / ES Voices
MOTIF 6 / 7 / 8, Motif-Rack, S90 Voices

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"Dance Xpanded" can be used for MOTIF XS / XS, MOX6 / MOX8, MOTIF-RACK XS, MOTIF ES, MOTIF-RACK ES, MO6 / MO8, S90 XS / S70 XS, S90 ES, Motif 6 / 7 / 8, Motif-Rack, S90.

"Dance Xpanded " is the ultimative set for Dance, Trance, Electronic, Chill and Pop. It includes 128 new Voices, 100 MIDI-Loops / Arpeggios and 64 Audio-Drumloops (WAV-Format). Main focus of 128 Voices are Atmospheres, Pads, Synthleads, Synthbasses, Chordsynths, Gated Pads and Sequencer/Arpeggio sounds.

Special Features:

  • Top-Analog Sound by professional programming
  • „SawPhase“-Oscillators: 4 Sawtooth-Wave multisamples using different start-phases for getting analog attacks (= Motif 6, 7, 8 / Motif ES / Motif XS)
  • Trance Gate Pads generated with User LFO
  • Massive application of different filter types (LPF, HPF, BPF, BEF, Combi filter).
  • Filter Control with modulation wheel or foot control

MIDI Loops
100 MIDI loops beside 128 new User-Voices are offered as Standard MIDI files. These arpeggios, sequences and chordgrooves are descended from the CD-ROM "Mega Arpeggio" and are suited very well for controlling the sounds of „Dance Xpanded“ with external sequencer.

For building arrangements or sound combinations 64 well-chosen Drumloops (WAV-format) from the EASY SOUNDS CD-ROM "Mega Loopz" were added to this set. They can be loaded with an external Audio-Sequencer or selecting Filte-type „Waveform“ with Motif 6, 7, 8 bzw. Motif ES.

Additional Contents for MOTIF XS / XF / ES
Additional to above decripted Voices, MIDI-Loops and Drumloops the MOTIF ES-Version includes following contents:

  • 64 MB Samples (Synth-Waveforms and Drumloops)
  • 20 Performances
  • 4 Demo-Pattern, 6 Sliced Drumloops

For loading samples to MOTIF XS / ES installation of optional DIMMs (2 x 64 MB or more) is needed. But you can load alternate version without samples, if you have not DIMMs installed.

MOTIF XF user can load the User Waveforms and Samples selectable to the SDRAM or to the optional Flash Memory.

Additional Content für MOTIF-RACK XS
Additional to above decripted Voices, MIDI-Loops and Drumloops the MOTIF-RACK XS version includes 16 Multis including Layer- and Arpeggio Performances.

Additional Content for Motif 6 / 7 / 8
The voice-bank includes 4 MB new Synth-Waveforms.
Sample-Extension is not needed.

MOTIF XF: The User Waveforms and Samples of this library can be loaded to pre-installed SDRAM or to the optional Flash Memory (Flash Memory Expansion Modules FL1 + FL2).

MOTIF XS: For loading the soundset installation of optional DIMMs (2 x 128 MB or more) is needed.

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