MOTIF XS / XF "Vocoder Dreamz" (Download)

MOTIF XS / XF "Vocoder Dreamz" (Download)

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Demo 1 = Vocoder Performances
Demo 2 = Vocal Performances
Demo 3 = Vocoder Voices
Demo 4 = Vocal Phrase Kits
Demo 5 = Drumloops Original
Demo 6 = Drumloops Vocoder

Please click on names in table for playing demos.

This Soundlibrary can be used only for YAMAHA MOTIF XS / XF.
„Vocoder Dreamz“ includes:
  • 128 Voices
  • 64 Performances
  • 256 User Arpeggios (Trigger sequences for vocal-phrases + drumloops)
  • 9 User Waveforms (6 Vocal Phrase Kits, 3 Drumloop-Kits)
  • 96 MB Samples (506 Vocal Phrases, 135 Drumloops)

„Vocoder Dreamz“ offers an impressive combination of vocoder voices, vocal phrase kits and drumloop-kits. The performances also include synth voices from the presets for building sound combinations full of inspirations and atmosphere. The vocal phrases and drumloops are triggered from user arpeggios.

A special emphasis of „Vocoder Dreamz“ are the playable vocoder choirs (polyphonic vocoder) and mixtures of original phrases with vocoder sound.

The vocal phrases and drumloops are routed to the vocoder working as modulators. If an element of a vocoder voice includes a FM-Wave for example, this basic sound will be modulated by the incoming audio phrase (vocal phrase or drumloop). The way of this modulation depends on vocoder-parameter (effect „Ins L“). You can say the „the FM-Wave starts to speak“.
Of course the vocal phrases and drumloops can be used also independent of the vocoder, which is shown in some performances. It can be also very intersting to assign the same drumloop in one part to the vocoder and use it in an other part „dry“ without vocoder sound.

In performances you need a connection from an assignable output to the A/D input of the MOTIF XS / XF with a audio cable for routing the vocal phrase kits and drumloop-kits to the vocoder.
But alternately you can also use your own voice. In this case you have to connect a microphone to the A/D input instead of the audio cable connection.

The samples of the phrase kits and drumloop-kits were extracted from the EASY SOUNDS products „VocalTraxx“, „MegaTraxx“ and „XtremeTraxx“, which are including construction kits based on WAV- and AIFF-files.

MOTIF XF: The User Waveforms and Samples of this library can be loaded to pre-installed SDRAM or to the optional Flash Memory (Flash Memory Expansion Modules FL1 + FL2).

MOTIF XS: For loading the soundset installation of optional DIMMs (2 x 128 MB or more) is needed.

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