MOTIF / S-Series / MOX "Xtasyn" (Download)

MOTIF / S-Series / MOX "Xtasyn" (Download)

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MOTIF XS / XF MOTIF ES MOX / Motif-Rack XS / ES S90 XS / ES / MO6
Demosong "Xtasyn" Demosong "Xtasyn" Demosong "Xtasyn" Demosong "Xtasyn"


Performance Demos:

Perfromance Demo 1 (Dance, Trance, Pop)
Performance Demo 2 (Electronic, Ambient)


Voice Demos:

MOTIF XS / XF / ES MOX / Motif-Rack XS / ES S90 XS / ES / MO6
Voices 1 "Dance / Trance" Voices 1 "Dance / Trance" Voices 1 "Dance / Trance"
Voices 2 "Pad & Sequence" Voices 2 "Pad & Sequence" Voices 2 "Pad & Sequence"
Voices 3 "FX" Voices 3 "FX" Voices 3 "FX"


Combinations (WAV-Drumloops & SMF)

MOTIF XS / XF / ES MOX / Motif-Rack XS / ES S90 XS / ES / MO6
Combinations WAV/SMF Combinations WAV/SMF Combinations WAV/SMF

Please click on names in tables for playing demos.

Soundlibrary for YAMAHA MOTIF XS / XF / ES, MOX6 / MOX8, MOTIF-RACK XS / ES, MO6 / MO8, S90 XS / S70 XS and S90 ES.

The content of Xtasyn:

• 128 Voices USER 1 (all versions)
• 64 Voices USER 2 (MOTIF XF / XS / ES)
• 10 Drumkits (MOTIF XF / XS / ES)
• 24 Performances (MOTIF XF / XS)
• 128 User-Waveforms / 120 MB Samples (MOTIF XF / XS / ES)
• 182 User Arpeggios (MOTIF XF / XS)
• 173 User Arpeggios (MOTIF ES)
• 10 Combinations SMF/WAV (all versions)
• 225 WAV-Loops (all versions)

This soundlibrary is produced completely by the synthesizer-specialist and Yamaha Sounddesigner Peter Krischker.

Xtasyn combines trendy synthsounds and electronic drumsounds in one library.

Xtasyn mainly covers the genres Dance / Trance / House / Electronica / Pop / Chill Out. The sounds are useful for mainstream-oriented chart-produktions as well as for progressive Dance/Trance/Techno/Electronic tracks.

Xtasyn offers modern live- and studio-standards with great playability.
24 complexe Arpeggio-Performances are giving many musical inspirations.

Xtasyn includes many arpeggio- and step-sequenzersounds, rhythmic gatepads and drumgrooves - needed for modern music productions.
The User-LFO is used for realizing the pulsating, „pumping“ and rhythmic synthpads and noise-sounds, which can be heared in many Pop/Dance/Trance-productions.

The modulation wheels, knobs, ribbon controller and assignable functions are programmed for easy and intutive sound changings.

MOTIF XF: The User Waveforms and Samples of this library can be loaded to pre-installed SDRAM or to the optional Flash Memory (Flash Memory Expansion Modules FL1 + FL2).

MOTIF XS: For loading the soundset installation of optional DIMMs (2 x 128 MB or more) is needed.

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