MOTIF XF / XS "Dance Pro" (Download)

MOTIF XF / XS "Dance Pro" (Download)

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AUDIO/MIDI Arrangements - Part 1
AUDIO/MIDI Arrangements - Part 2
Voices: Synthlead & Bass
Voices: Hooks & Chords
Voices: Melodic Dance Arpeggios
Voices: Atmospheres & FX
Pitchy Attack Bass & Drumloops
Dance Drumloops
Electronic Percussion Loops

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The content of „Dance Pro“:

  • 128 Synth Voices (USER 1)
  •   16 Drum-/Electronic Percussion Voices (USER 2)
  •   16 Performances
  •   20 User Waveforms (Drums-/Electronic Percusssion), 96 MB Samples
  •  256 User Arpeggios
  •   10  AUDIO/MIDI Arrangements (Audio Loops & Standard MIDI Files)
  •  29 Drum- and Electronic Percusssion Loops (WAV-Format)

„Dance Pro“ incudes a high-quality soundcollection of powerful and modern Voices and Performances for Dance and Pop music.

For the basis-soundset (128 Synth Voices – USER 1) exceptionally the internal Preset Waveforms and no additional Samples are used. That means: For the 128 Synth Voices no sample space is needed. This User Voice Bank is compatible with all available versions (MOTIF XF, MOTIF XS, MOX, S90 XS, MOTIF-RACK XS).

The MOTIF XF / XS version additional includes 16 Voices with Drumsounds, Electronic Percussion Sounds and Drum/Percusssion Loops.

For MOTIF XF the used User Waveforms and Samples (USER 2) can be loaded selectable to to the pre-installed SDRAM or to the optional Flash Memory (Flash Memory Expansion Modules FL1 + FL2).

In case of MOTIF XS for loading User Waveforms and Samples (USER 2) an installation of optional DIMMs (2 x 128 MB or more) is needed.

A special feature are the AUDIO/MIDI Arrangements, which are showing the powerful sound of the product. They can be used as starting point for your own music productions with external sequencers (DAW).

The arrangements are combining AUDIO-Tracks (Drums-/Electronic Percusssion Loops) with  MIDI-Tracks (Bass- and Synthsounds). The AUDIO-Tracks are delivered as WAV-Files, the MIDI-Tracks are available as Standard MIDI Files.

Highlights of the Soundlibrary:

  • Top-actual, commercial and progressive Dance/Electronic/Pop sound with big pressure and high authencity.
  • 128 Dance Voices, programmed by international TOP-Sounddesigners.
  • 16 megaphat Drum-/Electronic Percussion Voices.
  • 16 Arpeggio Performances with high inspiration factor.
  • More than 100 MB Drum- / Electronic Percussion Loops (WAV and MOTIF-format)
  • 10 AUDIO/MIDI Arrangements for productions with externals DAWs or using the  internal MOTIF-Sequencer.
  • 256 new User-Arpeggios (Drum- und Synth-Arps).


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