MOTIF XF / XS / MOXF "Live Organ" (Download)

MOTIF XF / XS / MOXF "Live Organ" (Download)

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Single Organ Voices 
Voices & Drums - Blues&Shuffle
Voices & Drums - Ballads
Voices & Drums - Rock & Funk
Performances - Blues & Shuffle
Performances - Jazz & Latin
Performances - Funk
Performances - Rock & Ballads

A part of the introduces Performances are including Jam-Arpeggios with integrated chord progressions.

The "Voices & Drums" combinations are available as Bonus-Performances (65 - 80).

Please click on names in the table for playing demos.

MOTIF XF / XS / MOXF Live Organ

The Content of „Live Organ“:

  •   64 Voices (USER 1)
  •   64 Performances (USER 1)
  •   16 Bonus-Performances (Voice/Drum Combinations)
  • 128 MB Samples
  •   42 User Waveforms
  • 244 User Arpeggios

Six years after publishing the legendary soundlibrary „Organ Session“ there is a new sample-based organ library. Why?

Same as „Organ Session“ the new product emulates the sound of a Drawbar Organ in the MOTIF. The concept of „Organ Session“ was chromatic sampling of the drawbars of a dry Drawbar Organ. All sample recordings were done without using amplifier, distortion and rotary speaker. For the slow and fast Rotary and the distortion the internal MOTIF effects were used. „Organ Session“ is still a fantastic library with very high flexibility.

The sampling concept of „Live Organ“ is different. 
For getting highest authenticity, pressure and orginal Drawbar Organ feeling the organ samples are including distortion and slow and fast Rotary. The internal Distortion and Rotary effects of MOTIF/MOXF are not needed for this kind of sampling.
The difference is hard to describe – please check and compare the demos!

A very powerful feature are the „Fifth Distorted“ organ waves, which are including the basic tone and the fifth, which is a typical playing style in Rock music.

The voices 1 – 32 are using the new type of organ waveforms sampled with Rotary and Distortion. The switching between slow and fast can be done with the Modulation Wheel.

The samples including Leslie and Distortion are added with some dry organ waves. If you want to get more flexibility you can use the voices 33 – 64, which are still using the internal Rotary and distortion effects including the speed swelling.

Exclusively for MOTIF XF there are 8 additional organ voices using the new Guitar Effects.

Only for using this additional voices the MOTIF XF OS Version 1.50 or higher is needed.

All voices are including User Arpeggios with organ licks, which are used as some kind of Audition demos showing the intention of the voice.

The 64 Performances are including a high number of Jam-Performances, which are including special arps even with chord progressions, useable for jamming and training.

Additional to the 64 complex Performances (1 – 64) there are 16 Bonus-Performances (65 – 80), which are limited to an Organ voice (Full Range) combined with a Drum Voices with Arp.

This Voice/Drum Combinations are offering powerful, pure organ sound with drums.


Important Information:

MOTIF XF: The soundset can be loaded to pre-installed SDRAM or to the optional Flash Memory (Flash Memory Expansion Module FL512M or FL1024M).

MOTIF XS: For loading the soundset the installation of optional DIMMs (2 x 128 MB or more) is needed.

MOXF: For loading the soundset the installation of an optional Flash Expansion Memory Module (FL512M or FL1024M) is needed.

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