MOXF "Dance Xpanded" (Download)

MOXF "Dance Xpanded" (Download)

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"Dance Xpanded " is the ultimative set for Dance, Trance, Electronic, Chill and Pop. It includes 128 new Voices, 100 MIDI-Loops / Arpeggios and 64 Audio-Drumloops (WAV-Format). Main focus of 128 Voices are Atmospheres, Pads, Synthleads, Synthbasses, Chordsynths, Gated Pads and Sequencer/Arpeggio sounds.

Special Features:

  • Top-Analog Sound by professional programming
  • „SawPhase“-Oscillators: 4 Sawtooth-Wave multisamples using different start-phases for getting analog attacks (= Motif 6, 7, 8 / Motif ES / Motif XS)
  • Trance Gate Pads generated with User LFO
  • Massive application of different filter types (LPF, HPF, BPF, BEF, Combi filter).
  • Filter Control with modulation wheel or foot control

MIDI Loops
100 MIDI loops beside 128 new User-Voices are offered as Standard MIDI files. These arpeggios, sequences and chordgrooves are descended from the CD-ROM "Mega Arpeggio" and are suited very well for controlling the sounds of „Dance Xpanded“ with external sequencer.

For building arrangements or sound combinations 64 well-chosen Drumloops (WAV-format) from the EASY SOUNDS CD-ROM "Mega Loopz" were added to this set. They can be loaded with an external Audio-Sequencer or selecting Filte-type „Waveform“ with Motif 6, 7, 8 bzw. Motif ES.

The User Waveforms and Samples of this library can be loaded to o the optional Flash Memory Expansion Module (FL512M or FL1024M). If a Flash Module is not installed yet, you can load the additional file without samples, which is based on the internal Preset Waves.

Important note
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