MOXF "FM Xpanded 1" (Download)

MOXF "FM Xpanded 1" (Download)

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Voice DEMO-Sequences:
E-Piano Voice: "The Champ" E-Piano Voice: "DX&Grand" Clavinet Voices: Dry
E-Piano Voice: "Lovely Tines" E-Piano Voices: Other EP Clavinet Voices: with effects
E-Piano Voice: "Classic SY99" E-Piano Voices: Hybrid EP Clavinet (FX) & Drumloops
E-Piano Voice: "Original DX" E-Piano Voices: Trendy & FX Performances 1: Combinations
E-Piano Voice: "American Ballad" E-Piano (FX) & Drumloops Performances 2: E-Piano Stacks


Combined Product Demos:

E-Piano & Drums & Bass: Funky Keyz
E-Piano & Drums & Bass: Straight Groove

This demos are combining E-Pianos and Drumloops of the soundlibraries FM Xpanded and Drum Performer.

Please click on names in table for playing demos.

MOXF „FM Xpanded“

Volume 1 - Electric Piano & Clavinet

Sample-based FM-Expansion, produced by Peter Krischker.

This is the content:
• 64 Voices
• 24 Performances
• 48 User-Waveforms / 128 MB Samples

The soundlibrary „FM Xpanded“ offers sample-based FM-sounds with highest dynamic and authenticity. It includes DX-oriented sounds as well new and innovative sound creations.

What is „FM“?
FM is the abbreviation of Frequency Modulation.
Here oscillators are modulated by other oscillators – their amplitude and frequency then characterizes the sound.
The FM synthesis was developed in 1967 by the american scientist Prof. Dr. John Chowning at the Stanford University and was made public in 1973. One year later the Yamaha Corporation bought the patents on this revolutionary synthesis system.
In 1983 the Yamaha DX7 was introduced and put the synthesizer world upside down, leaving synthesizer legends like Moog or Oberheim behind.
Countless music productions featured the all new sound of the DX7 – having its strengths in unique E­Pianos, Synth Basses, Harps, Organs, and metallic sounds. The dynamic range of these sounds became the standard for all future digital sounds.
After the groundbreaking success of the DX7 the FM synthesis has found its way into a large range of Yamaha synthesizers like TX7, TX816, DX21, TX81Z, DX27, DX100, FB01, DX7II, TX802, V50, SY77, SY99, FS1R, DX200.
The last device from Yamaha using FM was the plug­in board PLG150­DX which can be installed into host synthesizers like the MOTIF ES, MOTIF-RACK ES, or S90 ES.

Sample-Partial-Programming (SPP) for expressive and dynamic FM-sounds
The multisamples were recorded in serveral dynamic levels for re-building the high dynamic of FM-synthesizer.
The original FM-sounds were not simply sampled 1:1.
EASY SOUNDS developed FM-partials, which were mapped as User Waveforms and combined to new FM-voices using up to 8 voice elements of MOTIF XS / XF. The technique of Sample-Partial-Programming (SPP) offers a very high flexibility allowing creative sounddesign. You don’t need to be an expert for making individual edits.
For the sample-production beside the legendary DX7 other FM-synths like SY99, FS1R, DX200 or FM8 were used.

„FM Xpanded“ constist of serveral volumes.
The first volume „Electric Piano & Clavinet“ includes 64 Voices, 24 Performances and 128 MB Samples.
Many E-Pianos and Clavinets are towards to the classic DX7 Voices. They are giving the feeling playing a real FM-synth.
Impressive stereo-sounds are similar like the DX7II with the wide panning.

But based on different combinings of the FM-partials there are also many new keyboard sounds with independent character.
And you will find also several „Hybrid Sounds“ combining conventional electric pianos with FM-partials.

The voices and performances of the first volume „Electric Piano & Clavinet“ are not only useful for conventional or contemporary music. There are also trendy keyboard sounds using the MOTIF XS / XF effects and filter, which fit to many trendy music styles. For demonstrating this some drumloops in WAV-format and keyboard-sequences in Standard MIDI File format are included. They can be combined to small pattern with two tracks.

The 24 Performances are including impressive Stereo Keyboard Layer Sounds combining two or more voices.

For loading the soundset to MOXF an optional Flash Expansion Memory Module (FL512M or FL1024M) is needed.

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