MOTIF / S90 "Synth Basics" (Download)

MOTIF / S90 "Synth Basics" (Download)

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Demo "Pads / FX / Organ"
Demo "Arpeggio & LFO"

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First commercial Motif Voice Bank. The emphasis here isn't on weird effects sounds or sound collages but on the basic sounds you need for modern music production: creative sounds tailored for arpeggios with new arpeggio types, polyphonic analogue synths, layers, lead and 'hook' synths, fat synth basses, filter sweeps, spacey pads and atmospherics, organ sounds.

Particular emphasis has been placed on effective use of the filters. The effects are used sparingly so that the sounds don't become too mushy and lacking in power. SYNTH BASICS is an indispensable tool for all producers, home recorders and hobbyist musicians working in the dance scene.

"Synth Basics" is available only as download-version.
For loading to Motif 6 / 7 / 8 or S90 it is needed to copy the delivered files to a Smart Media Card.

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