PLG150-AN "Analog Bundle" (Download)

PLG150-AN "Analog Bundle" (Download)

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Demo PLG150-AN Power Generator
Demo PLG150-AN Super Synth
Demo PLG150-AN Analog Classics
Demo PLG150-AN Analog Plus

Please click on names in table for playing demos.

The bundle can be used basically for all synths with built-in Plug-In Board PLG150-AN.

For the YAMAHA Synthesizer MOTIF ES, MOTIF-RACK ES and S90 ES you will receive additional Plug-In Voices including effect settings additional to Board Custom Voices.
For other synths effects like chorus, reverb and delay must be adjusted by user.

Delivered synthbanks are converted from the optional AN1x voice library produced by YAMAHA EUROPA.

The "Analog Bundle" includes 4 Synthbanks:

"Power Generator“
programmed by Jörg Holzamer
64 Voices, hard, freaky, spacious, crazy, distorted.
Impressive basses, leads and arpeggio-sounds.

programmed by Claudius Diemer
64 Voices of categories Pad, Lead, Brass, Sequencer, Combinations.
Soft, warm and atmospheric. Superb quality. Authenic analog sound.

"Analog Classics"
programmed by Peter Krischker
64 traditional Vintage-Analogsounds like Minimoog, Prophet 5, OB-8, Jupiter 8 und Matrix.
Synthbrass, Leadsynths, Synthbasses, Synthstrings, Analog Pads, Filtersweeps, Polysynths, Secuenzer- and Arpeggiosounds, Percussive Synths...

"Analog Plus"
programmed by Matthias Sauer
64 Voices using special features like FM, Sync, Feedback, Free EG – that’s "Analog Plus". Sounds not "Vintage" but „Future“.

Voices can be loaded from Smart Media Card or USB-Device or transmitted with editors (AN Expert Editor, Voice Editor).

The "Analog Bundle" is only as download-version.

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