Tenori-on "Hypnotic Stepz" (Download)

Tenori-on "Hypnotic Stepz" (Download)

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Hypnotic Sequences
Hypnotic Slice Drums
Hypnotic Combinations

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Sound & Sample Extension Kit:

„Hypnotic Stepz“ includes:

• 150 Tenori-on User Voices („Samplings“)
• 175 MB Samples (WAV-Format)
• 12 Sequence Combinations (Current Block Files)
• 50 Slice Drum Variations and Step Sequences (Current Layer Files)

„Hypnotic Stepz“ combines synthesizer sounds and elektronic drumgrooves.
The 75 Synth-voices are including typical analog step-sequencer-sounds and synthbass-sounds. The sounds are very powerful and punchy.
The Drumgrooves are available as 75 „Slice Drum Kits“, which are drumloops divided into 16 slices corresponding to the 16 steps of the Tenori-on Score-Mode. You can use the slices similar like drumkits for building new arranged drumgrooves.
The percussive, electronic sound of „Hypnotic Stepz“ is a perfect addition to Preset-voices of the Tenori-on.

„Hypnotic Stepz“ is only available as download-version.

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