Quick Phrase AIFF / WAV (Download)

Quick Phrase AIFF / WAV (Download)

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Song Kits Clavi / Organ Vocosynth
Electric Piano Vocodrums Drumloops

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„Quick Phrase“ is a creative bundle combining instrument-/synth-phrases, drumloops, sounds and effect-settings for trendy productions of music styles like Chill out, House, Dance, NuPop, AcidFunk, Lounge, Breakbeat and other hip tracks between 75 and 180 bpm. Specified Instrument-/Synth-Phrases and Drumloops fit to each other, recognizeable with file-names.

The Instrument-/Synth-Phrases were produced using Apple Logic Instruments EVOC 20 (Vocoder), EVP88 (Electric Piano), EVB3 (Electric Organ), EVD6 (Clavinet), ES M (Synth) and ES P (Synth).
WAV-Drumloops and WAV-Instrument-/Synth-Phrases can be played with Garage Band, Logic, Cubase SX / SL and Ableton Live with variable tempo („Elastic Audio“). AIFF-Loops an phrases are edited with Apple Soundtrack Loop Utility and can be used as Apple Loops for Garage Band and Logic Pro 7 / Logic Express 7.

A special file-system allows building arrangements using phrases and drumloops very quickly.
Phrases are categorized to „Clavinet“, „E-Piano“, „Organ“ and „Vocoder“. They are assigned to specified Drumloops, which fit perfect to phrases. Such combinations are very useful for musical ideas and inspirations.

A special highlight of this set are combinations of drumloops and vocoder-sequences. The drumloops influence the rhythmic structure of the vocoder sequence using sidechain modulation resulting in very individual and innovative sounds.

A part of instrument-phrases „Clavinet“, „E-Piano“ and „Organ“ exist additional as MIDI-sequence (Standard MIDI File). They can be used for controlling other audio-/VST-instruments or external synthesizer/sampler. Corresponding audio-phrasen using same file-name can be used for reference.


  • Apple Logic Pro (Version 7 or higher)
  • or: Apple Logic Express (Version 7 or higher)
  • or: Apple GarageBand (Version 2 or higher)
  • or: Steinberg Cubase SX (Version 3 or higher)
  • or: Steinberg Cubase 4 (or higher)
  • or: Ableton Live (Version 4.0 or higher)
  • or: Other sequencer / sampler with WAV-Import

The product is available as download-version. The download-size is about 360 MB.

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