Mega Arpeggio AIFF / MIDI (Download)

Mega Arpeggio AIFF / MIDI (Download)

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Single Loops (AIFF) MIDI Loops Logic Pro 7 Demo MIDI Loops Ableton Live
Combined Loops (AIFF) MIDI Loops Garage Band Demo MIDI Loops Cubase SX
MIDI Loops Logic ES2    

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“Mega Arpeggio” offers a content expansion, which simulates an arpeggiator of a modern Top-Synthesizer, which includes not only typical classic arpeggios, but also chordgrooves, step-sequences, basslines and polyphonic sequences.

443 MIDI-Loops:
MIDI-Loops in Standard MIDI File format (SMF1 / SMF0) are musical base of product
Loops can be dragged directyl to arrange-window of sequencer for using with internal Audio/Software/VST-Instruments or external synths.
MIDI-Loops can be arranged completely free.

For perfect using with internal synths of sequencer following synthbanks are included in „Mega Arpeggio“:
- Garage Band: 100 ES2 Settings, 16 Sculpture Settings.
- Ableton Live: 64 Simpler Presets inkluding 22 new WAV-Samples.
- Cubase SX / SL: 56 Presets of integrated VST-Instrument “A1”.

1000 Apple Loops:
Legendary and modern synthesizer like Jupiter-8, MS-20, Polysix, Virus Indigo, Nordlead 2, Sculpture, Vanguard and ES2 were used for producing total 557 Apple Loops (AIFF-Format) based on MIDI Loops. Such loops can be used as „Loops for Real Instruments“ in Garage Band or Logic or as normal audio-loops in Ableton Live and Cubase SX / SL (PC / MAC).
Loops are sampled in 4 different pitches (C, E, G, A) allowing easy transposing. You don’t have to transpose loops for more than 2 semitones.

Further 443 Apple Loops were produces as “Loops für Software Instruments”. This combined AUDIO/MIDI-Loops can be used for Software Instruments or Audio Units in Garage Band and Logic. These 443 Apple Loops correspond to 443 MIDI-Loops.
In Ableton Live and Cubase SX this kind of loops can be used können diese Loops exclusive with original Tempo. „Warp-Mode“ or „Musical tempo“ doesn’t work.

Alternately to each of total 1000 Apple Loops you can use the corresponding MIDI-sequence (SMF), recognizeable with file-name or tables.

Logic Version 5.5.1 or higher (PC/MAC) or
Apple Garage Band (MAC OSX) or
Cubase SX 1.0 (PC/MAC) or
Ableton Live 4 (PC/MAC)

The product is available as download-version. The download-size is about 300 MB.

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