Logic Hypnotic Stepz (Download)

Logic Hypnotic Stepz (Download)

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"Hypnotic Stepz“ combines synthsounds, drumsounds, sequences and elektronic drumgrooves in in a new and innovative way.

The main feature of this product is the Step-Sequencer Emulation, combining the Matrix-Editor (Logic)with the Bass- and Step-Sequenzer sounds for EXS24. In a limited key range you will find muted notes for each 1/16-segment. You can de-mute the notes intuitive and quickly with simple mouse-clicks, which gives you the feeling of using an analoge step-sequencer.

The Synthsounds (EXS24 / Simpler) are including typical analog step-sequencer-sounds, synthbass-sounds, dance-sounds and percussive synths. The mainly analog sounds are very powerful and punchy. The Synth-Samples (WAV-format) can be used also directly for Audio-tracks.

The Drumsounds (EXS24 / WAV) are available as „Slice Drum Kits“, which are drumloops divided into 16 slices. You can use the slices similar like drumkits for building new arranged drumgrooves.

The Hypnotic Combinations and Hypnotic Pattern are combining drum-, bass-, and sequencersounds, sometimes added with soundeffects and atmospheres. They are available as MIDI-version (for EXS24) or AUDIO-version (WAV-Loops). You can use them as starting point for your own productions.

The Drum- und Synthloops (WAV / AIFF) are based on the Synthsounds und Drumsounds. They can be used alternately if no sampler is not available or if you prefer using Audio-tracks. The synth-Loops are also available as MIDI-sequences in Standard MIDI File format (SMF).

The product is useable with some small limitations also for older Logic-versions starting from Logic 5. 5. 1 (PC / MAC). You can use the Apple Loops (AIFF-files), the EXS24 Sampler Instruments and the Standard MIDI Files. For using the Step Sequencer Emulation and the Slice Drum Kits special Logic Songs are available.

The content of "Hypnotic Stepz“:

  • Step-Sequencer Emulation in Logic / Ableton Live combining the integrated event-editors with synthsounds for EXS24 / HALion3 / Simpler.
  • Synthbank including 170 EXS24 Sampler Instruments / 100 HALion3 Programs, based on 160 MB Samples.
  • 20 Ableton Live Sets with Simpler Settings and synth-sequences.
  • 64 „Slice Drum Kits“, useable for EXS24, HALion3 or Audio-tracks (WAV).
  • 300 Drum- und Synthloops (WAV- or AIFF-Format, 175 MB).
  • 12 „Hypnotic Combinations“ and 4 „Hypnotic Pattern“ as songs / projects for Logic, GarageBand, Cubase, Live – selectable in Audio/WAV- or MIDI/Sampler-Format.
  • 166 Standard MIDI Files including synth-sequences.


  • Apple Logic Pro (Version 7.1 or higher)
  • or: Apple Logic Express (Version 7.1 or higher)
  • or: Emagic Logic 5.5.1 (PC / MAC) or higher

The product is available as download. The download-size is is about 440 MB

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