Drum Performer WAV (Download)

Drum Performer WAV (Download)

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Drumloops Loop Combinations
Live Played Funk, Rock, Pop
Funk Chill Out, RnB, Electronic
RnB & Chill Out  

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„Drum Performer“ includes 300 drumloops in WAV-format and 20 Cubase projects with loop combinations, which are including drumloops, instrumentphrase, synthloops and atmos.

The instrument- and synthloops are extracted from other EASY SOUNDS products like KeyTraxx, VocalTraxx or Organ Session.
The Loop Combinations can be used for inspiration or as starting point for your own music productions.

„Drum Performer“ offers a drumgroove-library with new acoustic drums – produced in several sampling sessions.
Because of special recording procedures there is a very big variety of drumsounds. Although for producing drumsounds only real drums were used, because of experimental edits the soundset include also impressive electronic type drums, which are useful for some kinds of trendy music like Chill Out, Ambient, RnB or other Electronics.

For sampling this drum-equipment was used:

• Drum-Set Pearl MMX 22”, 13”, 16”
• Drum-Set GMS 22”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”
• HiHat A Zildjian 15“ (vintage 60er)
• HiHat K Zildjian 14“
• Ride K Zildjian Custom 20“
• Ride A Zildjian 20“ Heavy-Ride
• Ride A Zildjian 20“ (vintage 60er)
• Crash Paiste 2002 15“
• Crash Paiste 2002 16“
• Crash Paiste 2002 17“
• Crash Sabian AA 20“
• Crash Sabian AA 13“
• China A Zildjian 20“
• Snare Tama Starclassic 14“
• Snare Mapex 13“
• Snare Sonor 14“ (vintage 60er)
• Snare GMS 14“


  • Cubase AI
  • Cubase 4 oder höher
  • Cubase 5 oder höher
  • Andere Sequenzer mit WAV-Import

The product is available as download. The download-size is about 480 MB. 

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