Logic Phat Analog (Download)

Logic Phat Analog (Download)

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Funk&House Arrangements Synth Leads Clean Pads & Polysynths
Rock&Pop Arrangements Synth Leads Distorted LFO & FX Pads
ChillOut Arrangements Lead & Bass Dry  

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The demo-sequences with Funk & House, Rock & Pop und Chill Out arrangements are combining synth lead tracks with backing tracks, which are extracted partly from other EASY SOUNDS products like Drum Performer, Organ Session, VocalTraxx und KeyTraxx.

The ultimative Analog Synth Library for Apple Logic!

Produced by Peter Krischker.

„Phat Analog“ is a timeless Sample Library including an emulation of the legendary Minimoog (Leadsynth) and Jupiter 8 (Pads & Arpeggiosounds).
Additional you will find many other sample-based analog synthsounds.
This product is the ultimative Analog Synth Library für Apple Logic!

A main emphasis of this library are typical Minimoog synthleads. But also other spectacular synthleads like sync-lead (oscillator sync) or distorted leads with similar sound like Jan Hammer or Jordan Rudess are highlights of the product.
Further there are many synths of the categories synthbass, synthstrings, synthpads, synthbass, sequencer and noise soundeffects.

The Samples were produced mainly with the famous synths Minimoog and Jupiter 8 („JP-8“).

For musical reference recordings of musicians or bands like Pink Floyd, Manfred Mann (Earth Band), Camel, Lake, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Jordan Rudess (Dream Theather, Liquid Tension Experiment), Jan Hammer, Steve Winwood and many other were used.

„Phat Analog“ includes:

• 300 EXS24 / EXSP24 Sampler Instruments
• 292 MB Samples
• 100 Channel Strip Settings
• 8 Logic Pro Projekte with demo-sequences

This Content can be used fully for Logic Pro 8 and Logic Pro 9.

There are some limitations for other using the content with Logic Express 8 or older Logic versions:

Logic Express 8
The Logic Pro Projects and Channel Strip Settings can be used with limitations, because some effects are used, which are missing in Logic Expres.

Logic Pro / Express 7 and older Logic versions
The EXS24 Sampler Instruments can be used also for older Logic-versions.
The Logic Projects and Channel Strip Settings can not be used.


The product is available as download-version by default. The download-size is about 314 MB.

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