CS6x / CS6R / S80 / S30 Voiceset "Trance & Atmos" (Download)

CS6x / CS6R / S80 / S30 Voiceset "Trance & Atmos" (Download)

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Trance & Atmos is a really great synthbank with a lot of sounds for your Yamaha CS6x/CS6R/S80/S30 Synthesizer. It was made by Frank "Xenox" Neumann, a german Trance-enthusiast. The result of synthprogramming excess is this set with really cool sounds and great effects out of the synth. Check out his mp3 demos and believe him, you'll get what you hear!"
This set is useful for Trance, Techno, Electro, Chill Out, Ambient and Popmusic. It contains Trance-Sounds and atmospherice Pads. If you need treny sounds, you'll need this set!
The product will be shipped with download and can be written to a Smart Media Card.
Alternately you can transmit the delivered MIDI File to CS6x / CS6R / S80 / S30 using a sequencer software (Cubase, Logic, Sonar...) or Windows Media Player.







DEMO 1 = Pads & Atmospheres

DEMO 2 = Trance


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