EX5 Voiceset "Synth EXplosion" (Download)

EX5 Voiceset "Synth EXplosion" (Download)

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The soundset "Synth EXplosion " was programmed by Peter Krischker and includes 128 Voices, 1MB Samples and 15 User Arpeggios.
In "Synth EXplosion" you find atmospheric and spacious pads, warm analog sounds, arpeggio and sequencersounds, punchy Synthbasses, Filtersweeps, hard FM-sounds (FDSP) and Leadsynths.
The musical ranges of application reach from electronics, Techno, Trance, film music, Ambient, New Age up to modern Popmusik or any synthoriented music...
A special highlight are beside numerous classical or cool Arpeggiosounds several puristic progammed analog sounds (Voices Int 109 - 126). The EX sounds like an analog synth! If necessary you can add effects by CONTROLLER (Knobs 5 + 6).
The 128 Voices are loaded into INTERNAL 1. A memory expansion is not needed.
The product will be shipped with download. Please note that it is needed to copy the files to a MS-DOS or EX5-formatted HD-Disk for loading the soundset to EX5 / EX7.

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