Virus Synergy (Download)

Virus Synergy (Download)

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Synergy Magic Pads____ Magic Sequence DrumTraxx
Synergy 130BPM Play Pads Sequence: 80 BPM Dance Drumloops
Synergy 70BPM Gate Pads Sequence: 130 BPM Breakbeats
  Specials & Fx   Vokator Drumloops
  Hybrid Control    
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Both demos "Synergy 130BPM" und "Synergy 70BPM" are combining sounds and MIDI-loops of "Virus Magic Pads" and "Virus Magic Sequence" with drumloops of "DrumTraxx".

„Virus Synergy“ is a bundle of this products:

• Virus Magic Pads
• Virus Magic Sequence
• DrumTraxx

The products are including this content:

• 256 new sounds (sSingles) for Access Virus
• more than 300 MIDI Loops, useable for any sequencer software
• 250 drumloops (WAV- oder AIFF-Format)

“Virus Synergy” ist an extensive construction kit. This unique combination of synthsounds, MIDI-loops and drumgrooves allows effective an creative electronic music productions.

Virus Magic Pads
This set combines sounds and „MIDI Control Loops“, which generate movement, atmosphere and energy in pads.
The soundbank includes pads and atmospherics. Most sounds can be used both for normal keykoard playing and combining MIDI Control Loops.
MIDI Control Loops are control sequences producing MIDI-gates, chopped pads, rhythmic chords, Hybrid sequences and similar results. Loops are delivered in Standard MIDI File formats 0 and 1.

Virus Magic Sequence
This set combines sounds for Access Virus and „MIDI Loops“, which can be loaded as Standard MIDI File to sequenzer software.
The sounds are related to the MIDI-Loops. Each sound is assigned to a MIDI-Loop using the same name and number.
The bank contains typical sequencer/arpeggio sounds. You will find analog-sequencer sounds as well as trendy Dance/Trance/Electronic-sounds and atmospheric Chill Out sounds.
The MIDI Loops are extracted from EASY SOUNDS products „Mega Arepggio“ and „SynthTraxx“, which are offered for audio-sequencer.

DrumTraxx includes 250 Drumloops (WAV- or AIFF-Format, 172 MB). Beside popular Electronic-loops the set includes also a big number of unusual drumgrooves, which are sounding something between „Vinyl and Electronic“.
Impressive and complexe drumsounds can be built with stacking in different audio-tracks.?Beside basis-loops there are variation-loops for building complexe loop- arrangements.
„Virus Synergy“ is available as download-version by default.

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