Absynth Soundcollection "Xtasy" (Download)

Absynth Soundcollection "Xtasy" (Download)

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Demo "Atmospheric & Fx"
Demo "Atmospheric Sequences"
Demo "Atmospheric Pads"
Demo "Absynth Chordgrooves"
Demo "Absynth Sequences"

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This set is available for Absynth 2 / Absynth 3 - or higher (PC / MAC).

It was programmed by Peter Krischker.
„Xtasy“ includes 128 Presets, 40 Samples, 48 MIDI-Sequences and a detailed PDF-Documentation.
Beside Absynth-typical atmospherics „Xtasy“ includes also Standard-Synthesizersounds like Pads, Synthstrings, Polysynths, Percussive Synths, Bassdrums, Synthvox, Chordsynths, Sequencer- and Arpeggiosounds.

Most Presets are based on delivered samples, which are used as oscillators in Sample- or Granular-Mode. Of course samples can be used also for other user presets.
Samples were produced with high end Equipment. Combined with individual programming style they produce a very independent, expensive Absynth sound, which gives many inspirations.
Single Samples were used for building multi-samples with 3 Absynth-channels and different note scalings.

„Xtasy“-presets can be edited very fast with horizontal faders. In most presets 6 – 9 parameter are assigned to fader.

Special main emphasis is the combination of sounds and MIDI-sequences, which are existing in formats Logic, Cubase SX, Ableton Live, Standard MIDI File 1 and Standard MIDI File 0. Each sequence is assigned to a specific Absynth-preset. In delivered songs / projects (Cubase SX, Logic, Ableton Live) combination of Absynth presets and sequences is prepared perfectly. Using other sequencer you can use Standard MIDI Files. Most sequences are including realtime control events.
The product is available as download. The file-size is 16 MB.

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