JP-8000 Real Analog / Super Arpeggio (Download)

JP-8000 Real Analog / Super Arpeggio (Download)

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Soundbundle for JP-8000 / JP-8080


Real Analog, 64 Performances.

This set offers vintage analog sounds in the grand tradition of the Oberheim, the Moog and the Prophet. Featuring categories such as poly synths, synth brass, sweeps, synth strings, pads, lead synths and arpeggio performances, most sounds were programmed in DUAL mode. In many cases, these are wide-body, four-oscillator stereo sounds with more than just a passing resemblance to the sounds of the legendary Oberheim Matrix 12.


Demo "Real Analog"


Super Arpeggio, 64 Performances.

Featuring sounds programmed specifically to deliver the goods when used with arpeggiators, this set is also great for every kind of sequence and bass line imaginable. In addition to the standard arpeggio types, Peter Krischker made liberal use of diverse ARPEGGIO BEAT PATTERNS. Among the set's many hallmarks are chord arpeggios generated by means of the INDIVIDUAL TRIGGER function. Here an arpeggio is triggered by a keystroke in the lowest octave. You can then play chords above the first octave and the arpeggiator chops them up into single notes.


Demo "Super Arpeggio"
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