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„Virus Synergy“ is a bundle of the products "Virus Magic Pads", "Virus Magic Sequence" and "DrumTraxx" including 256 new sounds (Singles), more than 300 MIDI Loops and and 250 drumloops (WAV- oder AIFF-Format).

The product can be used for Virus c, Virus b, Virus kb, Virus Indigo, Virus Rack, Virus TI, Virus Snow.

“Virus Synergy” ist an extensive construction kit. This unique combination of synthsounds, MIDI-loops and drumgrooves allows effective an creative electronic music productions.

This collection includes three synthbanks for Access Virus series, useable for all Virus models:

Synthbank "Magic Synth"
Typical, fat analog sounds (3 oscillators!) and perfectly usable standard sounds plus Sync, FM and atmospheric pads. For all who want to use the features of Virus b / Indigo to full extent, this set is a must. Many sounds are based on new arpeggio types.

Synthbank "Fat Analog"
Sounds with wide-body, ultra-fat analog sounds featuring the hip UNISON function. UNISON enables up to 12 voices with 2 oscillators each to be stacked, which generates incredibly huge synth basses, sequencer and arpeggio sounds, as well as synth leads and hooks.

Synthbank "Advanced Analog"
A movable feast of both classic and current analog sounds, on the menu are synth basses, lead synths, synth brass, hooks, pads, strings, sweeps, organs, arpeggios and sequencer sounds. No fussy nouvelle cuisine here, all of these meat & potato sounds were cooked up for practical use in real-world musical applications. And for desert you get a cornucopia of tones that sound sweet as sin with the onboard arpeggiator and outboard sequencers.