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Hammond B3 Emulation for EXS24 / EXSP24
Punchy and smacky Hammond Sounds with consisely key click and adjustable percussion, rockorgans with slightly or strong distortion, traditional entertainer organs, classic drawbar-registrations and cool jazz-organs.

300 EXS24 Sampler Instruments, 100 Channel Strip Settings
Synth Leads, Pads & More. Timeless EXS24 / EXSP24 Sample Library including emulations of the legendary Minimoog (Leadsynths) and Jupiter 8 (Pads & Arpeggiosounds).
Spectacular synthleads like sync-lead (oscillator sync) or distorted leads with similar sound like Jan Hammer or Jordan Rudess. Other analog synths of the categories synthbass, synthstrings, synthpads, synthbass, sequencer and noise soundeffects.
The ultimative Analog Synth Library für Apple Logic!

EXS24 and Ultrabeat Drumkits, Logic Projects with Drumgrooves und Instrument loops, Apple Loops, MIDI Files
Huge drum library including 576 Drum-Instrument Samples combined to 32 Drumkits.
New „Real Drums“ – produced in several sampling sessions. Sounds dry, fat and with much pressure. Can be processed flexible with effects and EQs.
Although for producing drumsounds only real drums were used, because of experimental edits the soundset include also impressive electronic type drums, which are useful for some kinds of trendy music like Chill Out, Ambient, RnB or other Electronics.