MOTIF XF / XS / MOXF "Studio Drums" (Download)

MOTIF XF / XS / MOXF "Studio Drums" (Download)

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MOTIF XF / XS / MOXF "Studio Drums"

"Studio Drums" was conceived to answer many requests for a more comprehensive library of drums for the Motif XF. It features 32 new User Kits and 50 new drum arpeggios (including brush kit, alternative rock, metal, surf-rock, shuffle and reggae/ska arpeggios). Kits include brush kits, ambient and room kits, hard rock and heavy metal kits, funk drumsets, jazz kit ,special effects kits, even a "vintage 70's style" kit of drums recorded with towels placed over the heads! The library contains almost 110 MB of stereo cymbals and gongs, including rolls, crashes, bell, ride, brush and shank hits, as well as splash and rivet cymbals. Finally, there is an assortment of percussion sounds included, such as stereo and mono hand claps, fingersnaps, tambourine hits, shakes, and rolls, cymbal stand and hoop rim hits, and “kitchen” percussion such as struck plates, saucers, and forks and knives.

The kits and arpeggios load automatically as an ALL file. A separate file of the 50 drum arpeggios is included for backup purposes or cases where you want to build a library of kits from different sources and wish to include the user arps.

The sampling and programming for "Studio Drums" was done by Dave Polich, who has been a longtime sound programmer for Yamaha, Korg, Dave Smith Instruments, Native Instruments, Roland and other manufacturers.

The drums, cymbals, and percussion were all recorded at 24-bit, 44.1khz, by Dave Polich at DCP Studios. Microphones used were Audio Technica 4040's, Audio Technica 4033's, and Audix CX111's, through Soundcraft UltraMic studio mic preamps on a Soundcraft Spirit Digital 328 desk.

Complete List of Drum Voices:

A001 – Ambient Kit
Ambient room kit, for rock, country, pop.

A002 – Brush Kit 1

Brush drum kit, Pearl kick and snare, for jazz, country, ambient.

A003 – Slingerland Kit
Kit with Slingerland kick, snare and toms.

A004 – Gretsch Kit
Kit with Gretsch kick, snare, and toms.

A005 – Pearl Kit
Kit with Pearl kick, snare, and toms.

A006 - Room Kit
Room kit with snare and sampled room ambience.

A007 – Gretsch Compressed
Full Gretsch kit with snare run through vintage compressor effect.

A008 - Pearl Compressed
Full Pearl kit with snare run through vintage compressor effect.

A009 – Slingerland Compressed
Full Slingerland kit with snare run through vintage compressor effect

A010 – Pop Compressor Kit
Custom drum kit with heavily compressed snare, for pop-rock.

A011 – Brush Kit 2
Brush kit variation, Slingerland kick, snare, and toms.

A012 – Brush Kit 3
Brush kit variation, Gretsch kick and snare.

A013 - Towel Kit 1
Kit with tea towels laid over snare and tom heads. Has a unique vintage sound, good for "70's style" retro funk, pop, and disco.

A014 - Towel Kit 2
Towel kit variation.

A015 – Hard Rocker Kit
Hard rock kit in a big room. Snare and toms through compressor effect.

A016 – Metal Kit
Kit for heavy metal, speed metal, hard rock or alternative rock. Kicks, snares and toms run through compressor.

B001 – Funk Kit 1
Tight kit for funk, r&b. Ayotte snare, Gretsch kick, Slingerland, Pearl, Gretsch toms.

B002 - Funk Kit 2
Variation of tight kit for funk, r&b. Gretsch and Rock kicks, Pearl Piccolo snare, Pearl toms.

B003 - Funk Kit 3
Variation of tight kit for funk, r&b. Ambient and Pearl kicks, Ambient snare, DW toms.

B004 – Ring Snare Kit

Drumkit with “ringing” Pearl Floating snare, Pearl kick, Slingerland toms.

B005 – Country-Rock Kit
Drumkit for country-rock and country-pop music. Pearl and Gretsch kicks, Slingerland snares through vintage compressor and EQ, Pearl toms.

B006 – Arena Kit
Compressed rock kit in rock “arena”.

B007 – Indie-Rocker Kit
Kit with Ayotte snare, for indie and alternative rock with lively room ambience.

B008 – Rattle Snare Kit
Ambient kit with “rattling” snares and snare bleed on kicks and toms. For Blues, alternative rock and alternative folk-pop-rock.

B009 – Jazz Kit
Ludwig “Black Oyster” drumkit, for jazz, also good for 60’s retro and surf music.

B010 – DW Kit
DW (Drum Workshop) drumkit for straight-ahead rock, pop, country, and r&b.

B011 – Rims Kit
“Special FX” kit featuring rim, hoop, and stand hit sounds.

B012 – Kitchen Kit
“Special FX” kit featuring “kitchen” and “found percussion” sounds.

B013 – Fingers Kit
“Special FX” drumkit played with fingers and hands.

B014 – 8-bit Kit
“Lo-fi” special FX drumkit. Good for electronica, glitch, hip-hop, rap, ambient, industrial and chillout.

B015 – Pitch Shifted Kit
“Special FX” kit with drumkit sounds run through pitch-shifting effects. Good for industrial, electro, and techno.

B016 – 16 RPM Kit
“Special FX” kit with low-pitched or “slowed-down” drums, useful for downtempo, ambient, chillout, and industrial rock and metal.



While GM (General MIDI) drum mapping is useful in the context of allowing standardized playback of MIDI files, let's face it - the GM drumkit map is fairly lame in some respects. Very few drummers have a drum kit with six different toms in it, for example (well, no one that I know of). And when was the last time you saw a rock drummer arrive with a set of cuicas? Ditto for referee whistles, who uses those outside of Latin bands? Sleighbells? C'mon. Okay, I got it off my chest.

Since it seemed more important to include really useful sounds in the kits, all of the drumkits use a modified GM map. Basically, each kit presented is a five-piece drumkit - a kick, snare, two shell toms, one floor tom, plus a hi-hat, a smaller crash cymbal, a ride cymbal, a splash cymbal, a cowbell and a china cymbal or shank ride cymbal, and a larger crash cymbal. The drumkits are positioned in the stereo field as the AUDIENCE would usually perceive them - hi-tom on the right, mid shell tom on the left, floor tom a little further left. Small crash cymbal is on the right, ride cymbal and large crash cymbal on the left, china type or shank-ride cymbal on the left, splash cymbal slightly to the left, cowbell center-mounted on the kick drum.

This of course assumes that the drummer is right handed, as most drummers in the world are. If you would like a different perspective (for a left-handed drummer), you can swap the outputs from Motif XS which feed your mixer or sound card - take the left output of the XS and put in the right input, and take the right output of the XS and put it in the left input.

If you are recording audio into a computer DAW (like Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools, Sonar, or Digital Performer), you should have the ability, either in your DAW's mixer or via plug-in insert, to reverse the stereo image. Waves' S1 Imager plug-in, for instance, allows you to swap the left and right sides of a stereo image, and make it narrower or wider.

Speaking of "wider", the spread of the toms and cymbals in all the kits is more narrowed than your typical GM drumkit, to give a more true representation of stereo drumkit sound. Again, I know of no one who has a drumkit that spans 30 feet across from the hi tom to the floor tom.

Kits A001-B016 use the following map assignments which differ from GM assignments:

C0 = snare brush roll or other percussion sound.

D#1 = snare drag or appropriate snare sound (instead of a handclap)

G#1 = half or shank-ride hi-hat (instead of a foot hi-hat)

A#2 = cymbal choke (instead of a long vibraslap sound)

F3 = tom rim hit (instead of a timbale)

F#3 = tom rim hit (instead of a timbale)

B3 = open foot hat (instead of a referee whistle)

C4 = closed foot hat (instead of a referee whistle)

F#4 = percussion hit (instead of a cuica)

G4 = percussion hit (instead of a cuica)

B4 = rivet cymbal (instead of sleighbells).

C#4 - cymbal roll (mallet)

D4 = gong roll (mallets)
D#4 = gong hit (mallet)

E4 = gong hit (stick)


For loading the User Waveforms and Samples of this library optional Flash Memory (Flash Memory Expansion Modules FL1 + FL2) is needed.

For loading the soundset installation of optional DIMMs (2 x 128 MB or more) is needed.

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