MOTIF-Series / MOXF / MOX "Pulse" (Download)

MOTIF-Series / MOXF / MOX "Pulse" (Download)

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MOTIF XF / XS / ES / MOXF / MOX "Vintage Keys" - licensed by DCP Productions

This voice library utilizes the internal waveROM (samples) of your Motif XF and does not require any flashboard installed.

“Pulse” is a sound library dedicated to all things “low”. The 128 bass voices include vintage classic analog synth basses (Minimoog, Roland TB-303, Prophet 5 and more), FM (DX) basses, cutting edge electronic bass textures, sequencer basses, electric bass guitars (with amp/cabinet and microphone modeling), acoustic basses (direct and mic’d versions), Hammond organ and church pipe organ pedals, combo organ bass keys, and a Rhodes Piano Bass. Also present are a variety of bass and low-end “drone” sounds, perfect for movie and television soundtracks, ambient, and chillout music. This “XF” version of the library contains a number of voices not found in previous versions, and includes programming which takes advantage of the XF features such as programmable function switches and XA synthesis system.

The sounds in “Pulse XF” were programmed by veteran synth programmer Dave Polich, who has done extensive synth programming for Yamaha, Korg, Alesis and Roland.


Important Information:

MOTIF XF / MOXF: : The optional Flash Memory (Flash Memory Expansion Module FL512M or FL1024Mis not needed.

MOTIF XS / ES : For loading the soundset the installation of optional DIMMs (2 x 128 MB or more) is not needed.

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