MOXF "Hypnotic Stepz" (Download)

MOXF "Hypnotic Stepz" (Download)

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Demo "Hypno Chill"
Demo "Hypno Trance"
Hypnotic Single Sequences
Hypnotic Drumgrooves

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„Hypnotic Stepz“ includes:

  • 128 Synth Voices (alle Versionen)
  • 120 MB Samples (MOTIF ES / XS / XF)
  • 96 Slice Drum Kits (MOTIF ES / XS / XF)
  • 163 Slice Drumgrooves (WAV / AIFF)
  • Step-Sequencer Emulation (Cubase Key-Editor / Logic Matrix Editor)

„Hypnotic Stepz“ combines synthsounds, drumsounds, sequences and elektronic drumgrooves.

The 128 Synthsounds are including typical analog step-sequencer-sounds, synthbass-sounds, dance-sounds and percussive synths. The sounds are very powerful and punchy. The MOXF voices are based on new user waveforms and samples, while the other versions are based on the preset waveforms.

The Drumsounds are available as „Slice Drum Kits“ (MOXF), which are drumloops divided into 16 slices. You can use the slices similar like drumkits for building new arranged drumgrooves.

Alternately the Drumgrooves are available in WAV- or AIFF-Format.

One of the most important features is the Step-Sequencer Emulation in Cubase AI 4 / 4 or Apple Logic Pro 7x / Express 7x using the Key- or Matrix Editor combined with the MOTIF Synthsounds. In a limited key range you will find muted notes for each 1/16-segment. You can de-mute the notes intuitive and quickly with simple mouse-clicks, which gives you the feeling of using an analoge step-sequencer.

If the MOXF is used as „Stand Alone“-Workstation, the step-sequences can be loaded as Standard MIDI File (SMF) to the internal sequencer.

Another important feature is the new programmed 6-Tap delay-effect, which is combining 3 Tempo Cross Delays (Insert 1 + 2 + Chorus). It allows very sepcial delay effects with high density, compareable with the new „Delay Designer“ of Apple Logic Pro.

For loading the soundset to MOXF an optional Flash Expansion Memory Module (FL512M or FL1024M) is needed.

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