MOXF "Drum Performer“ (Download)

MOXF "Drum Performer“ (Download)

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Drumkits "Real Drums"
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Drumkits Electronic, Chill Out, RnB...
Instrument Kit "Cymbals"

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The product includes:

• 44 User Drum Voices (Drumkits)
• 40 Arpeggio-Performances
• 128 User Arpeggios (a part of them are Remix-versions of Preset arpeggios)
• 379 User Waveforms
• 193 MB Samples

„Drum Performer“ offers new „Real Drums“ – produced in several sampling sessions.
The drumsounds are sounding dry, fat and with much pressure.
Because most samples were recorded without effects they can be processed flexible with effects and EQs.
Because of special recording procedures there is a very big variety of drumsounds.
Each drum instrument is availabe in several different versions.
Although you receive several complete drumkits the main focus are big collections of kicks, snaredrums und cymbals, which are combined to additional Instrument Kits.

„Drum Performer“ offers a huge drum library including User Waveforms combined to 44 Drumits, separated to 2 volumes. You easily can modify them to individual favorite kits.

For sampling this drum-equipment was used:

Schlagzeug-Set Pearl MMX 22”, 13”, 16”
Schlagzeug-Set GMS 22”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”
HiHat A Zildjian 15“ (vintage 60er)
HiHat K Zildjian 14“
Ride K Zildjian Custom 20“
Ride A Zildjian 20“ Heavy-Ride
Ride A Zildjian 20“ (vintage 60er)
Crash Paiste 2002 15“
Crash Paiste 2002 16“
Crash Paiste 2002 17“
Crash Sabian AA 20“
Crash Sabian AA 13“
China A Zildjian 20“
Gong Zildjian 32“
Snare Tama Starclassic 14“
Snare Mapex 13“
Snare Sonor 14“ (vintage 60er)
Snare GMS 14“

Although for producing drumsounds only real drums were used, because of experimental edits the soundset include also impressive electronic type drums, which are useful for some kinds of trendy music like Chill Out, Ambient, RnB or other Electronics.

For keeping full compatibility with the Preset Drum Arpeggios of MOTIF XS / XF as well as the GM/XG-Standard all new drumkits are using same structure as MOTIF XS / XF Preset drumkits.
Additional to the Preset Drum Arpeggios you can use 128 new User Arpeggios.
Many of the new Drum Arpeggios were recorded live with the Yamaha DTXtreme.
A part of the User Arpeggios are Remix-Versions of MOTIF XS / XF Preset Arpeggios.

A special highlight of this soundsets are the performances, which are really inspiring and very useful for checking the new drumkits in a musical context.
Even live musicians will love the performances with the new drumkits because they can be used for training sessions or preparing band arrangements as well as for professional music productions.

For loading the soundset to MOXF an optional Flash Expansion Memory Module (FL512M or FL1024M) is needed.

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