MOXF "Evolving Soundscapes" (Download)"

MOXF "Evolving Soundscapes" (Download)"

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Voices: Atmospheres & Pads
Voices: Spheric Soundeffects
Voices: Dub Step Wobble Bass
Voices: 8ZDrumkits & Loops

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MOXF Evolving Soundscapes

„Evolving Soundscapes“ includes a high-quality collection of Voices und Performances based on a new sample-library.

Content Overview:

  • 128 Voices
  • 32 Performances
  • 128 MB Samples
  • 128 User Waveforms
  • 200 User Arpeggios


  • 128 Voices + 32 Performances programmed by international TOP-Sounddesigners.
  • 128 MB high-quality FX- Synth- and Drum-samples produced in several sample-sessions.
  • Pads and Musical Effects with rich atmosphere and dynamic movements giving a lot of musical inspiration.
  • Spheric and spectacular soundeffects for cinematic and ambient productions.
  • Electronic Drums and Wobble Bass Sounds useable for many kinds of trendy electronic music like Dub Step and Electro Pop.
  • 8Z-Hybrid Drum/FX-Voices (8 Elements / Zones) combining Drum-instruments, FX-sounds and loops.
  • 200 new User-arpeggios for controlling the 8Z-Hybrid Loops, Wobble-Basses and Synths.
  • Combining sounds for music styles like Ambient / Electronic / Epic / Chill Out / Dub Step.

The 128 Voices are separated to groups:

A01 – D16 = Atmospheres & Pads

E01 – F06 = Dub Step / Wobble Bass

F07 – F10 = Synth Arpeggio

F11 – G08 = 8Z-Drumvoices

G09 – H16 = Spheric Soundeffects


Important notes
For loading the soundset to MOXF an optional Flash Expansion Memory Module (FL512M or FL1024M) is needed.

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