KeyTraxx Apple (Download)

KeyTraxx Apple (Download)

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Chill Out / Lounge Electronic / Techno Rhythm&Blues, Funk

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KeyTraxx is an innovative software-product. Trendy phrases are a powerful inspiration for keyboarder and producer, who will discover new ways of using electro-magnetic keyboards. This product is very useful for elektronic, loop-based music.

KeyTraxx includes 300 Keyboard/Drum/Synth/Fx-Phrases and 24 Phrase Kits with a total size of about 350 MB. The phrases can be loaded selectable in AIFF-Format (Apple-Loops) or in WAV-Format to nearly every audio-Sequenzer or sampler.
Additional 195 of the audio-phrases can be loaded also as Standard MIDI File (SMF) for controlling software-instruments or external equipment.
The Logic Pro version includes additional Instrument-tracks for Logic instruments like CVP88, EVB3, EVD6, EXS24.
You have the choice to use audio-tracks or instrument-tracks.

The main emphasis of the delivered content are groovy keyboard phrases (acoustic piano, electric piano, clavinet, organ). A big spectrum of music-styles will be newly interpreted, for example Chill Out, Lounge, Pop, Dance, Techno, Electronic, Rhythm & Blues, Funk, Latin and Jazz.

The music-production using an audio-sequencer will be getting very easy. The 24 Phrase-Kits are combining keyboard-phrases with drums, synths, atmopheres and soundeffects. The phrase kits are demonstrating the use of the keyboard phrases in songs. But they can be also used for musical inspiration or starting point of user productions. The kits are using up to 10 tracks combining phrases to impressive arrangements.
The phrase kits are available in the sequencer formats Logic Pro 7 / Logic Express 7, GarageBand, Ableton Live 4 / 5 / 6 and Cubase SX3 / SL3 / Cubase 4. But the phrase kits can also be re-built easily with other sequencer using tables an screenshots.


  • Apple Logic Pro (Version 7.1 or higher)
  • or: Apple Logic Express (Version 7.1 or higher)
  • or: Apple GarageBand (Version 2 or higher)

The product is available as download-version. The download-size is about 300 MB.

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