Logic Pro X / Main Stage 3 "Power Bundle" (Download)

Logic Pro X / Main Stage 3 "Power Bundle" (Download)

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Power Synth & Power Arp - Product Demos

Power Bundle Combined (Synths & Arps)
Power Synth: Pads & Sequences
Power Synth: FM Dance
Power Arp: Synthesizer
YAMAHA MOTIF Voice Demos (Combining MOTIF Voices & Power Arps)

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Logic Pro X / Main Stage 3 „Power Bundle“

The Logic Pro X / Main Stage 3 „Power Bundle“ combines the APP SOUND products „Power Synth“ and „Power Arp“ for Logic Pro X / Main Stage 3. It includes 200 new sounds (settings) for the Software Instrument „Retro Synth and 500 settings for the MIDI-FX plug-in „Arpeggiator“. The settings of Retro Synth and the Arpeggiator can be combined simply by using the Software Instrument Retro Synth and the MIDI-FX Arpeggiator in the same Channel Strip of Logic or Main Stage.

POWER SYNTH is a collection of 200 new sounds (settings) for the Software Instrument „Retro Synth“ of Apple Logic X / Main Stage 3. It’s the huge “bread and butter“ collection for your synth tracks created with Logic X! 
Leads, basses, pads, chords, motions as well as unique wavetable sounds are ready for their use in current Pop, Dance and Electronic music. You get useful basic patches with a high playability using an external MIDI keyboard and the mod wheel. All presets are very useful for the daily music production with your DAW.

POWER SYNTH is an excellent extension for Apple Logic X or Main Stage 3 with big, fat sounds as well as trendy presets like wobble synths and inspiring  rhythmical motions created with tempo-synced LFO, offering an individual sound aesthetic. The set takes advantage of all the four synth sections (Analog, Sync, FM and Wavetable) of Retro Synth. 

All 200 sounds for Apple Retro Synth are designed by Matthias Sauer.


  • 200 settings for Retro Synth
  • More than 40 demo midi phrases (spread into five Logic songs),
  • 5 bonus drum loops.

Sound Categories:

  • BA = 47 Basses,
  • LD = 40 Leads
  • SC = 30 Synth Comps
  • PD = 25 Pads
  • ME = 20 Musical Effects
  • SQ = 20 Sequencer Sounds
  • FX = 20 Soundeffects.


POWER ARP is a collection of 500 new arpeggiator patterns (settings) for the MIDI-FX plug-in „Arpeggiator“ of Apple Logic X / Main Stage 3. It’s a power tool for arranging and refreshing your MIDI tracks created with Logic Pro X!
Load an instrument like EXS24 and Retro Synth or a complete channel-strip, insert the MIDI-FX plug-in Arpeggiator and select the settings of „Power Arp“.Power Arp offers settings for pulsating chords, melodic phrases and compings for Dance/House tracks as well as rapid lines for Dubstep.

All settings are focussing the individual musical pattern created with the Grid Editor of the MIDI-FX plug-in. Please feel free to modify the settings and use the options and controller feature. „Power Arp“ is like a bag of tricks for creative musicians.


  • 500 Settings or the MIDI-FX plug-in „Arpeggiator“.
  • 1 Channel Strip and Song ((for checking the arp settings).
  • Bonus 01: Song Demo (Easy Arp), arrangement of six arpeggiator tracks.
  • Bonus 02: Folder „Basics“ with various templates for making your own arp settings. Folder „Favorites“ for saving your best settings

3 Style Categories:

  • „Slow“ = arp styles for Downbeat (Lounge, RnB, HipHop, etc.) in a tempo range 70-100 bpm.
  • „Medium“ = arp styles for Dance/House in a tempo range 100-130 bpm.
  • „Fast“ = Dubstep/Breakbeats in a tempo range 130-160 bpm.

3 Arpeggio Types:

  • „Mono“ = Monophonic lines for melody and bass parts
  • „MonoPoly“ = combination of chord and single notes, recommended for synth comping, „
  • "Poly“ = rhythmical chords.

 3 different pattern lengths:

  • 1/2 bar
  • 1 bar
  • 2 bars.


POWER ARP und MOTIF Synthesizer

POWER ARP is able to re-design any MOTIF-Voice.  Die MOTIF Voice Demos (see above) are demonstrating the sound of some MOTIF voices of populat soundlibraries using the MIDI-FX Arpeggiator with loaded Power Arp settings. Opposite to the internal MOTIF arpeggiator the Logic / Main Stage MIDI-FX arpeggiator is fully programmable. Using the Grid-editor arpeggios can be edited fast and intuitive.

The EASY SOUNDS Soundlibrary for die Yamaha MOTIF-Series includes a huge selection of voices, which are perfectly suited for controlling with external arpeggiator. Here you find an overview of the products, which appear to be particularly suitable for this purpose:

  • Energy
  • Dance Pro
  • Xtasyn
  • Phat Analog
  • Phat Analog II
  • Hypnotic Stepz
  • Dance Xpanded


POWER BUNDLE – System-Requirements:

Apple Logic Pro X (or höher)


Apple Main Stage 3 (or höher)


The product is available as download-version. The download-size is about 50 MB.

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